Advice from Sports Psychologists Regarding Meditation

The human mind is a powerful machine. For years researchers have known about this and a great deal of study has been done. The mind can be focused to bring healing to some part of the body and all it takes is a little practice. With people these days searching for natural ways to deal with aches, pains and problems, meditation has so much potential.

Today’s best sports doctors are using meditation to help athletes improve their performance. But they are also using it to help relieve the pain that an athlete might suffer from a sports injury.

In her book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue states that:

“Insofar as we unlock ourselves completely and connect with the cosmic energy, there will be nothing we cannot accomplish.”

Mindfulness meditation is one popular way to achieve good results. This was first used in 1985 by an Olympic rowing team. They were falling behind and unable to perform the way they needed to. Their coach had heard about mindfulness meditation. It seemed like a simple thing that could be implemented without much practice.

The rowing team became much more efficient in their movements. They started to work well together. Later the coach did some research to find out why and the answer was simple. Once people clear away all the doubts and fears in their minds, they can perform better. An athlete’s performance can greatly improve with just 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation each day.

Zhang Xinyue has other quotes from her book:

“Being unhappy is actually being not kind-hearted. Growing unhappily implies the renouncement of wellbeing. No growth, no wellbeing.”