Qatar did not buy the 2022 World Cup says Blatter

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The previous president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter said that Qatar did not buy the chance to host the 2022 World Cup. The Former president has been banned for a period of 8 years for a “disloyal payment” of 1.3 million pounds. This payment was allegedly split between UEFA president Michel Platini.

Blatter said in a Times interview “You cannot buy a World Cup, it will go at the end where the higher political influences are,”

“I am sure there is justice in this world and that I have committed nothing which goes to criminal law. I have killed nobody, I have not robbed a bank, I have not taken any money from anywhere.”

Blatter and Platini have appealed against the football ban and their appeals were heard in late February. The two have said that they have not been in contact with one another after they were arrested by swiss police last year.

Blatter stated “I have never had a contact with Platini since we were picked up after the meeting of the executive committee,”.

“We were picked up by the Swiss police and put in a room and I asked him: ‘Do you know what they want from us?’ He said ‘no’ and they have seen that we are speaking and they have separated us.

“Only later I knew why they wanted to see us. There has been no contact, no telephone, nothing.”

FIFA is looking to elect a new president in late february and have 5 potential candidates lined up.